Fiume Crisis

Fiume Crisis is an edu-larp project funded by the Erasmus+ Program and run by three NGOs from three EU countries, Parallel Worlds from Hungary, Terrible Creations from Croatia and Altera Cultura in association with Terre Spezzate from Italy.

The original idea of the project came to me while I was in Covid lockdown and came across a video talking about this topic. I saw great potential in using D’Annunzzio’s Fiume as a setting through which we can talk about more contemporary issues of populist rhetoric and propaganda and the ways they appear in and influence our everyday lives.

I initiated, lead and facilitated the Fiume Crisis in this spirit.

The project focused on creating live-action roleplaying tools, and scenarios that use the context of the vibrant and chaotic era of Rijeka’s history following the First World War to reflect upon our present and to educate about issues of political radicalization, populist rhetoric, and propaganda.

The one-week-long residency in 2022 May was a major part of the project, where participants were coming together to create three edu-larp scenarios: Borders, Silent Night, Horrible Night and City of Lies.

Since then the scenarios were thoroughly tested and written down and published in a digital booklet available online.

The larps ran at major international larp events such as Portal10, Knutpunkt, Blackbox Copenhangen and The Smoke.