Bálint Márk Túri has a background in filmmaking, he studied directing in Paris and artistic research in Amsterdam. He made several short films, music videos and an award-winning feature film.
During his master studies he explored improvisation based collaborative story development methods through applying theatre games, table-top rpg and larp techniques in the development process of his feature film. Moving forward with his research theme he is writing and designing participatory experiences and games.
Bálint is one of the founders of Parallel Worlds Foundation, a Hungarian non-profit organisation that concentrates on creating live-action role-playing game events in Budapest.
He used to co-run a fantasy summer camp for children in rural Hungary, that was an inheritor of the long-lived Hungarian edu-larp methodology, the Bánk Tradition. Bálint is currently starting to research this tradition, especially the way its methodology can be applied to community-based artistic practices, research and education.