The Bánk Tradition

Eszter Leveleki’s vacation program ran from 1938 to 1978 by the lake side of Bánk in rural Hungary. During its 40 years lifespan its peculiar reform pedagogical methodology took shape that heavily builds upon embodied role-playing.

This tradition is still very much alive. Each summer approximately 20 camps take place throughout the Hungarian countryside that regard themselves as bearers of this heritage.

Article “Tribes and Kingdoms” with Mátyás Hartyándi in the magazine of Knutpunkt 2022, Distance of Touch

An extended version of my contribution to the article is available HERE.

Transformative Play Initiative Seminar

Presentation delivered on October 20, 2022 at the Transformative Play Initiative Seminar 2022: Role-playing, Culture, and Heritage.

The related paper – Playing With The Fictitious “I”: Early Forms of Educational Role-playing in Hungary, 1938-1978 – was published in the 14th Issue of International Journal of Role-playing

Portal 10 Larp Conference

24-26.VI.2022, Krakow, Poland, Portal 10 Larp Conference

The Alliance of the Known Realms – Bálint Márk Túri, Fanny Hajdu

In this interactive presentation we introduce our audience to the long-lived Hungarian edu-larp tradition, the Ring Camps. In these 3-weeks long camps the participants, from age 10 to 18 take the roles of the citizens of fantasy kingdoms. Changing between frontal and participatory formats within our presentation we would like to give you not only an overview of how these fantasy camps came to existence and operate nowadays, but also a taste of  some of their game mechanics.

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