Faded, scratched images. Faces of strangers are gazing at you from the past. Something makes them familiar. What could be the story, the chronicle of a family, that lies beneath these photographs? What is the story that was left out of the family album?

Afterimage is a game in which the goal of the players is to create the story of a fictional family based on black-and-white photographs and their own ideas, sensations and imagination based on these images.

The core material of the game consists of 130 black-and-white images from between the beginning of the 20th century and the end of the 1960s that were carefully selected from the Fortepan archive and edited in a way that they provide a wide range of possible interpretations and due to their characteristics these images recall notions related to memory and the past in the participants.

In Afterimage I focus on the (re)creation of a fictional family history through the series of black and white photographs, creating a sort of family album, but one that invites the participants to discover those images as well that are usually left out, thus opening up the space for the interplay of images and embodiment to unearth untold narratives of loss.